Archivi giornalieri: dicembre 22, 2008

Poor Iraqi security helps drug smugglers

Drugs are being smuggled from Afghanistan and Iran to Amara in Iraq. The lack of security along Iraq’s borders is making the trade more feasible. Al Jazeera’s Mosab Jasim reports.

Somalia’s agricultural region faces dire future


Somalia’s humanitarian situation has been deteriorating in recent months, amid an increase in attacks on the country’s transitional government by opposition fighters.

People living in the country are losing hope as politicians in the government, which was once seen as the best possible chance for Somalia, argue among themselves.

In Somalia’s agricultural region the situation could not be more dire, as Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow reports.

Corruption mounts in Hungary

Despite vowing to get tough on corruption, this year saw Hungary fall even further down global corruption tables.
A special council’s now been set up to tackle the problem, but with a former economy minister saying corruption is a Hungarian tradition, can the country really clean up?
Harry Smith’s reports from Budapest.