Archivi giornalieri: dicembre 15, 2008

Hannah Montana? Eighties vs Noughties


Monopoly or Talking Elmo? Donkey Kong or an animatronic horse? How do the Christmas gifts of old compare to the new batch?

Bush, Russia: mission impossible


Russian and U.S. experts have met in Moscow to discuss America’s missile defence plans for Eastern Europe and other sensitive security issues. Russias hopes, however, seem to lie in the future.

Inside Iraq – Iran’s nuclear quest


Obama called Iran’s nuclear quest unacceptable. With oil prices expected to plummet, can Iran keep its people peaceful and continue marching towards the bomb?

US car industry on the verge of collapse


The Bush administration is still debating how best to help the country’s struggling car makers. Sebastian Walker has more from the home of General Motors in Flint, a town already feeling the brunt.