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Iran indicates openness to UN-backed uranium processing plan

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, has said that his government is ready to send the bulk of its low-enriched uranium abroad for processing in exchange for nuclear fuel rods.

In an interview with Iranian state television, he also said that Tehran has the capacity to enrich its own uranium if the shipped supply is not returned.

Last year Tehran in effect turned down the proposal to hand over its uranium supply in exchange for nuclear fuel.

The US says Iran should inform the International Atomic Energy Agency if it is ready to now take the deal.

Motorbike gangs threaten Taiwan’s streets

Motorbike gangs threaten Taiwan’s streets

Marauding gangs of youth on motorbikes have taken over the streets of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s third largest city, harassing drivers and ignoring traffic laws.

Taiwanese authorities have launched a nationwide campaign to rid the streets of such gangs, which have been linked to the murders of at least two people.

But as Al Jazeera’s Steve Chao reports, the crackdown has not stopped the determined.

South Korea launches its first rocket into space

South Korea launches its first rocket into space

South Korea has launched its first rocket into space just a week after the Naro Space Centre abandoned a first attempt because of a software glitch.

Seoul says the launch is meant to get the country into the satellite market, but North Korea remains skeptical.

Al Jazeera’s Tony Birtley reports from Seoul, the South Korean capital.

Afghan elections ‘marred by fraud’

Afghan elections ‘marred by fraud’

Accusations have escalated of vote rigging in Afghanistan’s election while ballots are still being counted from last Thursday’s vote.

But the Afghan president’s main challenger says he has evidence of widespread electoral fraud and has filed more than a hundred complaints.

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from Kabul, the Afghan capital.