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Divisions loom over G20 gathering

World leaders including Barack Obama, the US president, will gather in London for final talks on the eve of a G20 summit dogged by divisions on how to tackle the economic crisis.

Obama’s stimulus approach to boost economic growth is facing stiff opposition from European and other governments.

Al Jazeera’s Matthew Moore reports.

Japan turns to building amid economic gloom

Many governments around the world have turned to infrastructure as a means of coping with the global economic crisis.

A part of the US stimulus plan calls for massive amounts of money to be spent on roads, railways and broadband Internet access.

In Japan, infrastructure spending is also being used to assist in current crisis.

Al Jazeera’s Tony Cheng reports on one such project.

Indians feel the pinch as property bubble bursts

From building boom to bust, India was part of a larger real estate bubble created partly by loose monetary policies.

Al Jazeera’s Matt McClure reports from a Delhi suburb where both investors and labourers are losing hope fast as cash-strapped builders halt work on housing projects.

US citizens scramble for food aid

The number of unemployed Americans continues to rise and some are now struggling to put food on the table, becoming increasingly dependent on food stamps to help them get by.

Food stamps are a state-subsidised programme that helps people with a low income buy food at lower prices. But for many US citizens it may not be enough to help them weather the economic crisis, as Al Jazeera’s Lucy Keating discovers in the US town of Knoxville in Tennessee.