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First Khmer Rouge trial to open

A senior Khmer Rouge figure, who ran the S-21 prison during the brutal years under the regime in the 1970s, goes on trial in a UN-backed court on Monday.

But do young Cambodians bother about past atrocities that resulted in the deaths of one and a half million people?

Al Jazeera’s Laura Kyle reports from Phnom Penh.

Mexico’s youth being lured into drug trade

No one knows how many young people are joining the drug traffickers, but it is luring many.

The illegal business is worth an estimated $80 billion dollars a year.

According to a US State Department official, thats drawn an estimated 150 thousand Mexicans to the illegal drug trade and fueled the violence.

For them, the answer is simple: the government must remove the economic incentive for trafficking drugs by legalising them.

Al Jazeera’s Franc Contreras reports from Mexico.