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Nepal’s ‘lawless’ communists

Allegations persist in Nepal that the youth brigade of the ruling Maoists is responsible for intimidation, violence and murder.

Many of its members are former child soldiers who fought for the Maoists during the country’s civil war.

Al Jazeera’s Tony Birtley reports from Kathmandu.

‘Servants of God’ in the Philippines

Every Easter, a group in the Philippines gathers to initiate new followers by testing their physical strength and religious faith.

They call themselves the ‘Iron Kings’ and say they are the servants of God.

From the province of Cavite, Al Jazeera’s Marga Ortigas reports.

Artifact pulls Muslims and Jews apart

An excavated stone in East Jerusalem has become the subject of a dispute between Jewish and Muslim authorities in Israel.

With both sides claiming the stone is part of their respective heritage, neither party is willing to budge.

Zeina Awad has more.

Hutu Muslims saved Tutsis during Rwandan genocide

Rwanda has been marking the 15th anniversary of the country’s genocide when according to the government 1.2 million people were killed, the UN says 800,000 died, most of those murdered were ethnic Tutsis.

During that genocide, tens of thousands of Tutsis fled into Muslim mosques to escape from the machete-wielding Hutu mobs.

And their lives were spared because many Hutus believed Muslims were evil and were afriad to go into mosques.

Al Jazeera’s Yvonne Ndege tells the story of survivors who narrowly escaped death, and the Islamic resistance to the genocide.