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Indonesia farmers fear China free trade fallout

A free trade deal between China and the Association of Southeast Nations (Asean) comes into affect this year.

The government Indonesia, which is part of Asean, says removing barriers and ensuring easy cross border trade will help grow the domestic economy.

But many workers are worried they will not be able to compete against a flood of Chinese products and Indonesian farmers, especially, worry that they will soon be out of jobs as consumers choose cheaper Chinese produce.

Thousands of workers have taken to the streets calling for parts of the trade pact to be delayed.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Cipanas in West Java.

Tigers and loggers fight to survive in Sumatra

Illegal logging in Indonesia has wiped out up millions of hectares of forest and driven the Sumatran tiger to the brink of extinction.

The recent spate of killings in Sumatra’s Jambi’s province shows that loggers and tigers are now locked in battle over a fast-dwindling area.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports.

Rohingya victims of abuse speak out

There have been new claims of abuse against a group of muslim Rohingya migrants.
They were part of boat people who fled Myanmar, where they face persecution, and ended up in Indonesia after being expelled from Thailand.
Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen has spoken to a group of Rohingyas in Indonesia’s Aceh province.