Archivi giornalieri: marzo 14, 2009

Tibet’s future under Chinese rule

In the fourth part of Al Jazeera’s special series on Tibet, Al Jazeera’s Tony cheng looks at the attitudes of most Chinese towards the region and its future under Beijing’s rule.

Internet celebrates 20 years since conception

Twenty years ago today, the idea of the internet began.

A gentleman named Tim Berners Lee came up with the concept of the World Wide Web.

Today, the internet is used by more than one and a half billion people worldide. But not everywhere.

Clayton Swisher reports.

Left wing favourite in El Salvador’s poll

El Salvador is about to elect a new president.

For the first time since the civil war ended in 1992, a left-wing former rebel, Mauricio Funes, is leading in the prediction polls.

The rebel movement used radio transmissions to promote its cuase. Now, El Savador’s airwaves are being used again, but this time to promote a peaceful message of change.

Mariana Sanchez reports.

Afghanistan’s glamorous designers

In a far cry from the daily images of Afghanistan, glamorous outfits designed and made in the war-torn country are being showcased in London.

The charity behind the event is hoping to promote up-and-coming Afghan designers and use the proceeds to help educate women in Afghanistan.

Nazanine Moshiri reports from London.