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Divisions loom over G20 gathering

World leaders including Barack Obama, the US president, will gather in London for final talks on the eve of a G20 summit dogged by divisions on how to tackle the economic crisis.

Obama’s stimulus approach to boost economic growth is facing stiff opposition from European and other governments.

Al Jazeera’s Matthew Moore reports.

Ukraine leaves Europe without gas – Gazprom

Russian energy company Gazprom says Ukraine is responsible for gas cuts affecting more than a dozen European countries. Russia says it has been forced to stop shipments of gas through Ukraine after supplies were being siphoned off. Many EU states are now facing fuel shortages as the continent is gripped by a cold winter snap.

Russia-EU relations: French connection


Today we will talk about relations between Russia and the EU, and particularly France, which holds the EU presidency until the end of the year. Bilateral ties were put to test this August during the South Ossetian conflict, when the French president Nicolas Sarkozy played an important mediation role. Did it contribute to better understanding between the sides? Discussing the issue are the Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Evgeny Kozhokin, and French novelist and political commentator, Marek Halter, who joins us by satellite-link from Paris.

Bush, Russia: mission impossible


Russian and U.S. experts have met in Moscow to discuss America’s missile defence plans for Eastern Europe and other sensitive security issues. Russias hopes, however, seem to lie in the future.