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Indonesia farmers fear China free trade fallout

A free trade deal between China and the Association of Southeast Nations (Asean) comes into affect this year.

The government Indonesia, which is part of Asean, says removing barriers and ensuring easy cross border trade will help grow the domestic economy.

But many workers are worried they will not be able to compete against a flood of Chinese products and Indonesian farmers, especially, worry that they will soon be out of jobs as consumers choose cheaper Chinese produce.

Thousands of workers have taken to the streets calling for parts of the trade pact to be delayed.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Cipanas in West Java.

Il suo ragazzo racconta degli ultimi momenti di vita di Neda

Caspian Makan, il fidanzato della giovane donna iraniana uccisa la scorsa settimana, racconta ad Al Jazeera del suo ultimo istante. “Neda” è il nome di questa ragazza che sta girando in tutto il mondo, è stata uccisa da un soldato Basij a Teheran la scorsa settimana.

Guantanamo Bay protester speaks about fast

On the seventh anniversary of the first inmate arriving at Guantanamo Bay, protests took place around the world for its closure. In Washington DC a rally also marked the start of a nine day fast by 60 protesters, in support of US president-elect Barack Obama keeping is campaign pledge of closing the prison. Al Jazeera spoke with one of the people participating in the fast – Bud Courtney of New York City. This is his view – in his own words.