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Nato invites Russia to summit

Nato leaders have approved plans to expand a European missile defence system that would protect all of the military alliance’s member nations including the US.

Barack Obama, the US president, announced the agreement on Friday at the end of the first day of a summit of leaders from the 28-member grouping in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president had previously fought against the missile shield, saying it was a threat to his country’s own nuclear deterrence.

But Nato on Friday decided to invite Russia to join the defence shield, extending its protection across Russian territory.

Medvedev will be arriving in Lisbon on Saturday to discuss Russia’s role within the Nato plans.

Russia may demand leeway over the defence system, and also on Nato expansion into former Soviet states.

Russia’s military plans loom over talks with US

Barack Obama, the US president will be holding a key meeting Wednesday April 1 with Dimitry Medvedev, his Russian counterpart.

Both sides have indicated they are ready to start rebuilding US-Russian relations.

But suspicion remains, and Russia has made no secret of its plans to beef up its own military power, in the wake of Nato’s expansion towards the east.

Neave Barker reports from Moscow.

Supplies for troops in Aghanistan are under threat


Taliban fighters in Pakistan have fired at a convoy of trucks transporting supplies to Western forces in Afghanistan. Itis the latest in a string of attacks along the treacherous Khyber Pass.

Attackers have torched hundreds of trucks along the mountainous route – the most important supply line for Western forces – in recent weeks.