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Gaza: The road to war

The people of the Gaza Strip – one of the world’s most densely populated strips of land – have experienced it all: military occupation, civil war, an economic blockade and international isolation. Yet back in 2005, Gazans celebrated a new era of peace and even prosperity. So, how did it all go so wrong? Gaza: The road to war investigates.

The price of living in Gaza

While politicians and diplomats continue to call the shots in the Gaza conflict, its ordinary people who suffer – from fear, deprivation and grief. Saed Suerki, a correspondent for RT’s Arabic channel, reports.

Damaged Gaza aid boat docks in southern Lebanon

A boat carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza has arrived in Lebanon after being turned back by the Israeli navy.

The Dignity set off from Cyprus on Monday carrying three tons of emergency and medical supplies.

Activists on board say it was rammed by an Israeli ship but the navy says it was an accident.

Mohammed Vall reports.

Israeli railway causes political row

The construction of a new railway to link Jerusalem with illegal Israeli settlements has provoked criticism.

The tram system is being built by French engineering companies on occupied Palestinian land. Critics say their involvement in the project contravenes European policy.

Al Jazeera’s Jackie Rowland reports from Jerusalem.