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Left wing favourite in El Salvador’s poll

El Salvador is about to elect a new president.

For the first time since the civil war ended in 1992, a left-wing former rebel, Mauricio Funes, is leading in the prediction polls.

The rebel movement used radio transmissions to promote its cuase. Now, El Savador’s airwaves are being used again, but this time to promote a peaceful message of change.

Mariana Sanchez reports.

El Salavador mourns soldiers killed in Iraq


The El Salvadorean president has made a farewell visit to the White House where George Bush, the US president, thanked Elias Saca for “supporting freedom in Iraq.” El Salvador is the only Latin American country to still have troops fighting there.
But with more than 80 per cent of the country opposed to the war, that alliance may well be coming to an end.  Gabriel Elizondo reports from San Salvador.