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Chinese immigrants found living under pavement in Milan

An unusual kind of hotel has been uncovered in the centre of Milan below the pavements.

Some 28 Chinese immigrants were found living there in squalor, including a four-month-old baby. Police are now looking for the owner.

Claudio Lavanga reports from Milan.

Italy’s new weapon in fight against Mafia

Italian police are seizing Mafia bosses’ luxury assets in an attempt to stop organised crime.

Expensive villas and fast cars are being taken in raids by police, in the hope that stripping the Mafia of financial power will also weaken their influence.

Claudio Lavanga reports from Naples.

Russian Orthodox church elects new leader

The Russian Orthodox Church has installed its first leader since the fall of the Soviet Union.

At a solemn ceremony in a vast Moscow cathedral, Patriarch Kirill took charge of the world’s largest orthodox church.He has promised to maintain unity, and attract more young people to the religion.

Claudio Lavanga reports.