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Investimenti immobiliari con Investimondo

Investimenti immobiliari con Investimondo, ovvero le opportunità finanziarie che offrono maggiore sicurezza e una rendita garantita.

Con te un team di esperti, fondamentale per presentarti le migliori opportunità del momento e di conoscerti. Avrai così piena assistenza per decidere dove investire, minimizzando i rischi e puntando sul quartiere di Manhattan più vicino al proprio stile di vita.

Avrai la possibilità  di conoscere la New York di Soho, di Chelsea, ma anche degli investimenti immobiliari a rendita certa.

Assistenza e sicurezza: queste le parole chiave di Investimondo.

Tamils risk all to flee Sri Lanka

Country’s war refugees swell the tide of asylum seekers heading for Australia in boats.

The United Nations has welcomed the decision by Sri Lanka’s government to announce the release of the remaining 130,000 Tamils kept in detention camps for the last six months.

About 250,000 people fled the final bloody phase of the civil war between the government and separatist Tamil Tigers.

They were ultimately housed in government-run camps in the district of Vavuniya.

Hundreds of thousands of Tamils’ have been displaced in the fighting and are now living in hastily put together refugee camps that have been largely shut off from the outside world.

More and more Tamils have been risking their lives – spending weeks on the oceans – in the hopes of reaching Australia.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen, in Valaichchenai, Sri Lanka, reports that a new group of asylum-seekers are said to be preparing to board boats on the island’s southeastern coast and sail directly to Australia’s Christmas Island.

Malaysian woman to be caned for drinking beer

Malaysian woman to be caned for drinking beer

A Malaysian woman is due to become the first woman to be caned under the country’s Islamic laws after being caught drinking beer in a hotel.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno’s says she accepts her punishment, but critics say drinking should be viewed as a personal sin, not a state crime.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports.

Migrant workers face abuse in Lebanon

Migrant workers face abuse in Lebanon

Human rights groups are warning of the terrible conditions faced by migrant workers across the Middle East.

Millions of women from countries such as the Phillippines and Indonesia head abroad to work as maids. But because they have little if any legal protection, many are tortured and abused at the hands of their employers.

In Lebanon, according to Human Rights Watch, one domestic worker a week attempts suicide. Zeina Awad reports from Beirut.