Archivi giornalieri: febbraio 4, 2009

Brazil’s flying doctors

Brazil is home to nearly a million indigenous people living in the Amazon jungle. With limited roads and airports, it can be a real challenge to reach them when they get sick. Gabriel Elizondo reports on Brazil’s flying doctors.

Sportsworld’s Wayne Hay reports on the legal spectre looming over sport’s oldest cup.

The latest spat between holders Alinghi and US team Oracle means the next edition of the Cup is on hold.

As Team New Zealand organised a regatta Down Under to get the sailors doing what they do best, Al Jazeera went to catch up with the key players.

Iraqi woman held for recruiting bombers

Iraqi security forces have arrested a 50-year-old woman accused of recruiting dozens of female suicide bombers.

In a video released by Baghdad security forces, she describes how she targeted vulnerable women, persuading them to kill themselves.

Al Jazeera’s Tarek Bazley reports.