Archivi giornalieri: febbraio 2, 2009

Russian Orthodox church elects new leader

The Russian Orthodox Church has installed its first leader since the fall of the Soviet Union.

At a solemn ceremony in a vast Moscow cathedral, Patriarch Kirill took charge of the world’s largest orthodox church.He has promised to maintain unity, and attract more young people to the religion.

Claudio Lavanga reports.

Saving Soweto – Seeing the light

St. John’s eye clinic is part of the massive Bara hospital and is the biggest eye hospital in the southern hemisphere. Many of Soweto’s poor utilise the services on offer here.

Taliban in control of Pakistan’s Swat Valley

The Swat Valley is an area few journalists are able to operate in and it appears that despite the presence of thousands of extra Pakistani troops the Taliban remain firmly in control. Policemen have been beheaded in the streets, men have been lashed and dozens schools have been burnt down under the Taliban justice and their version of Sharia law. Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder travelled to the Swat Valley from where he sent this exclusive report.